Atlas Machining and Welding have been machining specialists for almost 30 years. And, over the last few decades, they have offered the best industrial services in the Lehigh Valley, PA. So, Atlas provides the best fabrication, pressure vessel production, laser cutting and precision bending in the Pennsylvania area.

More than just offering their services to residents of the Lehigh Valley, Atlas Machining and Welding extend their reach 100km from their base. So, residents of New York, Philadelphia and more can benefit from Atlas’ industrial services.

In addition to the standard industrial services Atlas provides, Atlas also take on specialty projects. These projects are often carried out using a number of their services in combination, to produce a unique product.

Here are some more details about the specialty projects that Atlas Machining and Welding provides to the Lehigh Valley.

Company signage

High quality signage for your company is difficult to come by, since you can’t just go to a store and buy signage ready-made. So, because each company’s signage should be one-of-a-kind, you need to find a stellar industrial services provider.

Atlas Machining and Welding creates interior company logos and advertisement signs for companies. Moreover, they have created statues, monuments and road signs, using their collaborative industrial service teams, to create the best products for their clients.

Custom furniture

A number of Atlas’ customers are a far-cry from huge industrial clients, since Atlas works with many types of people and organizations. Consequently, they have worked on a number of custom furniture projects.

In addition to chairs, tables, and countless other interior furniture pieces, Atlas have produced custom lamps, wine racks and video/audio cabinets.

Decorative pieces

Have you ever wondered where trophies are made? Perhaps you’ve stumbled onto the need for one, and the question has suddenly taken on a new significance.

Well, Atlas Machining and Welding makes the very best of them. In addition, Atlas makes wall hangings, and various trinkets, created with the customer’s vision in mind.

The Moravian Star

Atlas Machining and Welding takes on all kinds of specialty projects. So, if you have a unique project that requires industrial processes – such as machining, fabrication and/or laser cutting and precision bending – Atlas can do the job.

With their laser cutting and precision bending division, Atlas created the Moravian Star. Additionally, the star was created from a solid block of steel and spanned 12ft from top to bottom. Currently, the star is located within the Moravian College Bethlehem, PA.

So, if you have a custom or specialty project that you need completing and you’re based in – or near – the Lehigh Valley, call Atlas Machining and Welding. Moreover, to find out more about Atlas’ industrial services and specialty projects, check out their website here.

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