One World Trade Center

Welcome Center Threshold

After the Towers fell, we felt the loss and recognized the importance of a rebuild project that would memorialize the lives taken during this tragedy. We were brought into the project at the World Trade Center after another manufacturer was unable to meet deadlines. The WTC contractors reached out to Atlas for help and within days we received designs and began work on the 2.5-year project. We are honored to have a part in bringing strength and spirit to the city of New York and the nation.

“Once I heard the current fabricator was behind schedule and couldn’t keep up with production, I told WTC contractors to call Atlas. Atlas is upfront, honest, and never misses deadline. You can always count on Atlas to exceed expectations.”

– Territory Manager, Metal Service Center

A Greener Tomorrow

Oceanic Power

Because of the relationship built and the trust they had with Atlas, our client in the green energy field, who we had assisted on smaller projects, brought us in for a much larger build of an ocean-powered buoy. The first of its kind, Atlas worked from start to finish to create this prototype which is now used as the standard for other builds around the globe.

Cement Industry Burner Pipe

In-Field Emergency

As leaders in the cement industry, we know that emergencies happen at night and recognize the need to be available at any moment. When a burner pipe failed in the field, the client contacted Atlas and our team was able to immediately jump into action and work within the tight deadline to repair the failed pipe in 24 hours. Our quick actions and around-the-clock availability saved the client hundred-of-thousands of dollars.

“We don’t go anywhere else. Atlas gets it done right the first time.”

– Maintenance Manager, Keystone Cement

Moravian University

Molded Glass

An artist who was creating an initial design for Moravian University, experienced issues with cost and effectiveness during execution of the design and reached out to Atlas for help. Working alongside the artist, we engineered a modular press grid that served as the base for the 12ft x 8ft molded glass structure. The updated structure provided efficiency with assembly and installation while leaving the beauty of the initial design uncompromised.