One-Stop Shop

The Pressure Vessel & Systems Division offers customers a “one-stop shop” for pressure vessel services and complete system packaging. Atlas holds a ‘U’ Stamp and ‘R’ Stamp from the National Board for the new construction and alteration and repair of pressure vessels and can design, fabricate and test per the Latest Edition of ASME Code Section IX.

With our Machining, Fabricating, and Mechanical services all in the same facility, we are able to provide customers “Turn Key” systems and process skids or pressure vessels.

ASME Code Work | Turnkey Systems

  • Manufactured in accordance to the guidelines of ASME Section IX, holding both ‘U’ Stamp & Repair and Alteration ‘R’ Stamp from National Board
  • Welder & Procedure qualifications are maintained, covering various types of materials and processes
  • Certificates and qualifications for many nationally recognized standards ASME, AWS, API and MIL
  • ASME Vessels: simple tanks, piping systems, heat exchangers, super low temperature hydrogen processing units, hydrogen trailer & refueling systems, etc.
  • Complete Systems: treatment, compressor | filtering | control, process skids, etc.