Innovative Technology & Design

The laser division of Atlas provides premier laser cutting and precision bending services. We combine state-of-the art CNC cutting techniques with detailed oriented design to create accurate, custom pieces.

Our highly skilled team of programmers, machine operators and material handlers have the expertise to deliver quality parts for a variety of applications ranging from artwork to ASME code work.

The precision of our laser, and cleverly placed etched layout lines ensures your tight tolerance fabrications will fit the first time and every time while providing you both large and small design solutions.

Laser Cutting

  • Reduce Machining time from hours to minutes
  • 5000 Watts of Cutting Power
  • Up to 1” Mild Steel, 1” Stainless Steel, ¾” Aluminum
  • Exotic Materials, Tool Steel, AR Plate, Manganese, Titanium, etc.
  • Tolerances can be held within +/- .002”

Precision Bending

  • Segmented tooling for maximum bending flexibility
  • 3/8” x 10 ft Ten Axis CNC Press Brake
  • CNC Backgauge for tight tolerances
  • Ideal for transitions

Special Project – The Moravian Star

  • Spanning 12ft from top to bottom the star was manufactured by Atlas in 2002
  • The initial concept of this Star was to be machined from a solid block of steel
  • The Atlas Team used our Laser & Bending Technology to eliminate machining altogether, saving thousands
  • Located inside Moravian College Bethlehem, PA