As the best industrial service provider in the Lehigh Valley, Atlas Machining and Welding offers the highest quality laser cutting and precision bending. 

More than just the Lehigh Valley, Atlas offers their laser cutting and precision bending services to the wider Pennsylvania area. In addition to this, they provide industrial services to the surrounding 100km area, serving both New York and Philadelphia.

Atlas Machining and Welding has been providing industrial services for almost 30 years. In addition to laser cutting and precision bending, they offer the best in CNC machining and metal fabrication, as well as pressure vessel production and maintenance, to name a few of their other industrial services. 

Naturally, therefore, your laser cutting and precision bending needs will be executed with the utmost skill, and your project will be completed by a team of seasoned engineering experts.

Here are a few more details about the incredible laser cutting and precision bending services they provide.

Laser Cutting

With 5000 Watts of cutting power, Atlas’ laser cutting tools can complete complex machining jobs in minutes. Moreover, it can handle up to 1” mild steel, 1” stainless steel and ¾” Aluminium. However, the tool has a tolerance of -/+0.002”, so there’s some wiggle room for slightly thicker materials.

Additionally, Atlas’ laser cutting tools can be used on titanium, AR plate, tool steel, manganese and other exotic materials.

Precision Bending

At Atlas, their precision bending tools have a 3/8” x 10ft ten axis CNC press brake, and a CNC back gauge for tight tolerances. Moreover, the precision bending process uses segmented tooling to allow for maximum bending flexibility.

At Atlas Machining and Welding in the Lehigh Valley, three shifts run – per week – to keep up with the demands of a wide range of customers. So, this ensures that your project can be completed in the quickest time possible.

A special project – the Moravian Star

Occasionally, Atlas will take on a special project, and in 2002 – using their laser cutting and precision bending expertise – they created the Moravian Star. 

In the beginning, it was thought that the star would be machined from a solid block of steel. However, Atlas bypassed the need for machining altogether, thanks to our expert use of laser and bending technology. Not only did this save on time, but it saved thousands of dollars.

The star is 12ft from top to bottom, and is currently located within the Moravian College Bethlehem, PA.

Finally, in addition to all this, Atlas offers round the clock service. Moreover, they combine their teams to ensure that they can complete your project in the quickest time possible. 

Knowing that, in today’s world, industrial projects are usually urgent, they ensure that their service reflects this need.

So, if you’re in need of laser cutting and precision bending services, and you’re based in – or near – the Lehigh Valley, call Atlas Machining and Welding. Or, to find out more about Atlas’ industrial services, check out their website here.

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