Offering the highest quality industrial services, Atlas Machining and Welding is the best Lehigh Valley CNC machining company in PA. In addition to the Lehigh Valley, they offer their services to the wider Pennsylvania area, Philadelphia and New York.

While Atlas Machining and Welding offers a range of industrial services – including metal fabrication, pressure vessel production and maintenance, laser cutting and precision bending, to name a few – they have specialized in machining for almost 30 years. 

The seasoned Lehigh Valley CNC machining company is home to a range of industrial tools. They offer CNC horizontal machining, CNC vertical machining and the use of their state of the art CNC turning centers. 

In addition, Atlas Machining and Welding offers 24-hour service in Lehigh Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas. Here are a few more details about the incredible machining services that they offer:

CNC Turning Centers

The CNC turning center at Atlas – the most trusted Lehigh Valley CNC machining company – has a 188” swing vertical turning lathe with an 80” height and has a weight capacity of up to 16,000lbs.

Additionally, the CNC lathes up to a diameter of 455” and 198” in length. Furthermore, it is equipped with extensive tooling features and cutting inventory. 

Atlas Machining and Welding commands the use of multiple machines, each with multi-shift capacity.

CNC Horizontal Machining

Using a work cube with 118” x 78” x 64” specifications, the CNC horizontal machining spindle at Atlas Machining and Welding has a weight capacity of up to 36,000lbs. Moreover, there are multiple machines to take care of the needs of each customer in no time.

In addition, Atlas’ CNC horizontal machining tool has full probe and inspection plus features, a 3D machining profile capability and a multi-shift capacity.

CNC Vertical Machining

At Atlas Machining and Welding, the vertical machining tool uses a work cube with 78” x 204” x 40” specifications. Additionally, the CNC vertical machining spindle has a weight capacity of up to 34,000lbs.

Similarly, this Lehigh Valley CNC machining tool has full probe – and inspection plus – features. Moreover, there are multiple sizes to choose from, to better suit each individual project.

Blanchard Grinding

Using a 42” diameter table, the Lehigh Valley CNC machining experts at Atlas also offer the best in Blanchard grinding in the Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania area.

In order to efficiently remove stock from the desired side of a material, Atlas use a machine with multi-shift capacity to ensure that the finished product is faultless.

So, if you’re in need of CNC machining services in Lehigh Valley, make sure to call Atlas Machining and Welding, or check out the website to find out more about their machining and other industrial services.

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